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Commercial Roofing Inspection Report

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Innovative Roofing Systems knows what it takes to keep your roof asset performing for the long-term benefit of the client or building owner. Roof inspections are a vital part of maintaining the integrity of any roof system. Our highly trained and experienced technicians use the latest technology and software to inspect the roof system and identify areas of the roof that need servicing and maintenance. Our reports are hands down one of the most thorough and cost-effective approaches to keep your roof system performing past its standard life expectancy. Typical manufacturer’s warranties only last 15-20 years, at Innovative Roofing Systems our goal is to partner with our clients to make your roof last several years past the end of the warranty. Once we have scheduled the roof inspection and the inspection has been performed, reports are emailed the same day, not days or even weeks after the inspection has occurred.

The best part of our roof inspections and the repairs we propose is it allows flexibility to our clients. Most roofing companies are set up to offer all the deficiencies found during a roof inspection. Our report allows you the flexibility to choose the repairs you feel are warranted. The roof inspection can be emailed, hand-delivered, and reviewed with the client, but they are always uploaded into the Client Portal database. Once we upload the report into the client portal database, the client can log in and have the flexibility to choose which repairs they want to select. We know that budgets can be tight, and we want the client to have the final decision.

At Innovative Roofing Systems, we want to make the experience for the client to feel comfortable and have a piece of mind that the inspection and approved repairs are going to help them keep a leak-free roof. If our client selects all the repairs from our report, which we call Emergency and Proactive repairs, we will provide a 30-day “Leak Free Warranty” after the completion of the repairs. Contact Innovative Roofing Systems for your complimentary roof inspection today!

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